Web Monetization at your reach

Simply monetize your WordPress website

What is Pipe?

Pipe Web Monetization is a WordPress plugin, or in a better explanation, a new way for you to make money with your website!

It all began as a project that will facilitate the insertion of Web Monetization in your WordPress websites, creating the possibility for users to leverage their existing businesses and websites by adding a possible new form of income through Web Monetization.

Since 40% of the websites available on the internet are from WordPress, with the idea of helping people with a tool that doesn't know anything about code, but uses it, Pipe Web Monetization will facilitate the improvement of the Web Monetization ecosystem.

Pipe is an enabler of an existing problem. Let it help you and your business!

Register your payment pointer

Set your payment pointers up quickly and easily.

What is a payment pointer?

Revenue sharing

You can put two or as many payment points as necessary, with the percentage chosen by the user.

Analyze your data

Through the dashboard, you can follow the indicators, the amount received by content, payment point, by period, and by a website.

How does it work?

  • Install the

  • Register your payment pointer

  • Receive for your content!